Standard detail

Restoring detail

$379.99 - $449.99

Everything included in the standard detail package plus a 2-stage paint correction for medium to severe paint defects leaving your finish absolutely flawless.

**Typically 8+ hours**

An entry level cleaning recommended for well maintained exteriors to enhance, protect and rejuvenate the overall look of your ride. This package will bring back the smooth texture of your finish while also to helping the wax bond to the paint properly enhancing the durability of your finish, Brining back that deep glossy shine.

-full deep cleaning and reconditioning of every interior surface
-full shampooing of the carpets and total leather care

- wheel faces and inner barrels (if accessible) cleaned and sealed for protection
- tires and fender wells (if accessible) cleaned
- exterior foam bath pre-soak to help loosen surface contaminants followed by high pressure rinse
- 2nd foam bath for added lubrication during the 2 bucket hand wash method
- door jambs and intricate exterior areas (grill, emblem(s), etc.) cleaned
- hand dry and crevices blown dry
- water spot and mineral build-up removal
- clay bar treatment and iron removal
- topped with your choice of protection for added and
- black trim, tires and fender wells dressed

Engine bay:
- Fully deep cleaned and dressed

**typically 3-4 hour detail**

Mini detail

$249.99 - $279.99


Everything included in the standard detail plus a single stage paint correction to restore the gloss, removal minor swirls, oxidation and overall fading of the paint. Then topped off with a strong Si02 ceramic protection spray wax giving you up to 6 months protection.

**typically a 5-7 hour detail**

Platinum detail

Detailing packages

A basic cleaning to protect and to maintain an already detailed car

- Thorough vacuum
- doors, dash, center console and cup holders wiped down and dressed
- glass cleaned crystal clear

- Paint reserving foam carwash
- Wheel faces cleaned and waxed
- Wheel barrels cleaned (if accessible)
- Fine clay bar decontamination
- spray sealed to rejuvenate and extend the life of your wax/sealant

$579.99 - $649.99