Engine bay cleaning: starting at $49.99

Restore your clarity with our glass polishing service. Polishing the glass will remove light to moderate defect such as scratches from your wipers. Ceramic coating the windows greatly increases your vision when it rains by repelling water and using the self cleaning effect of the ceramic coating leave your windows always looking clean.

Wheel waxing: starting at $99.99

wheels are always getting dirty, considering their the only part of the car always touching the road. Ceramic coating your wheels will keep your wheels cleaner at all times and give the wheels a beautiful shine. A coating will provide you with self cleaning effects, a super slick surface, and hydrophobic effects all while making your wheels much easier to clean.
-wheels deep cleaned
-Wheels barrels deep cleaned
-wheels polished (if needed)
-wheels coated (6-year)

Wheel waxing provides protection and easy cleaning for months. All while adding gloss to the look of the wheels.
-Wheels deep cleaned
-Wheel barrels deep cleaned
-wheel wax application

Head light restoration: starting at $49.99

Ceramic pro coating installation on the wheels:
starting at $199.99

Extra services

Using ceramic technology, all carpets and fabric seats will no longer absorb fluids such as soda and coffee, preventing permanent stains and making interior cleaning a breeze.

Glass polishing and coating

Ceramic carpet and upholstery installation: starting at $99.99