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A Come-To-you service that specializes in ceramic coatings and paint correction
“Where detailing meets passion”
Certified Ceramic Pro installers
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Owner: steve housenick
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We offer all services imaginable to make a car look perfect and to keep it that way. We offer a variety of detailing packages for all possible conditions a car could be in. Every vehicle is treated with tender love and care using proper methods from professionals using the best and most innovative and high end equipment and, products in the industry.
The detailing and carwash industry is a very confusing industry for most people. Here at pinnacle we always find ourselves correcting the damages from improper car care. Automatic “soft cloth” carwashes, touchless car washes and cheap detail shops all do more damage than good. Our mission is to change the way you think of car care, and to show you what a your car should look like through proper techniques and high end products. Our passion to detailing and paint correction is the true difference.
address: 130 front st. Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Experienced, quality work and time saavy, Pinnacle luxury car care is a friendly come-to-you service. We specialize in all aspects of detailing, from a simple paint preserving carwash to full fledge paint correction with ceramic coatings, we do it all. Our team at pinnacle works and strives to have the best products and tools available in the industry to be ready for anything thrown our way. While our main priority is quality and building a trust with our clientele with communication and our work quality, we always make sure your ride is nothing short of perfect. Time to change the way you think of car care.